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We are Laura and Niall, the proud new parents of baby Cecelia…

About us - New Parents

Our journey into parenthood and beyond was a whirlwind of discovery, knowledge, emotions and wondrous times.

We created Baby Things as a labour of love, to share our unique and honest perspective and experiences about things that change and shape our journey with baby Cecelia, for better or worse.

Until a few years ago, Niall and I both worked for Toys’R’Us, it’s actually where we met!

Accumulating over 26 years of experience in the Baby & Toddler industry in the UK between us. We have spoken to thousands of proud new parents over the years hearing about their journeys and experiences, worked at and exhibited Babies’R’Us at the Baby Show UK and been through countless training courses on everything from Car Seat Safety to Feeding Equipment.

Nothing can ever truly prepare you for becoming a parent yourself, but the years spent in baby retail certainly gave us a good awareness of the baby world.

Both Niall and I are very ‘waste conscious’ and actively try to limit the waste we produce in life but also with things associated with our baby.

Often the natural instinct and the ‘norm’ is to spend, spend, spend, when it comes to a new baby, with statistics showing that the average spend on a new baby in the UK is over £10,000!

This seems a little outrageous and it is likely that many of the items bought often end up being used less than expected, or sadly even not at all. This is exactly what we found happened to us.

We promise to always be truthful in our posts and reviews, sharing our absolute life changing essential items, worth every penny. And also, how we  would do things differently if we had another baby. In other words, what didn’t work or was not worth the investment for us.

Hopefully our work on Baby Things might inspire you if you are confused or struggling to decide on a particular product;- researching some products with the incredible amount of choice out there can be daunting.

Maybe you will even save some money by choosing not to buy a certain product that probably wouldn’t have made much of an impact on your baby’s life anyway.

Above all else, we hope you may enjoy reading some of our posts which we definitely enjoy making. A wonderful documentary of time and experiences as baby Cece grows and develops.

Never will we push our parenting ideas or style onto you.

We are making this website to share our experiences, good and bad. So you can take away what you find interesting and useful, everything is written by us, as real life parents.

In an ocean of bloggers and Youtube vloggers, hopefully our little website can provide a unique slice of becoming parents for the first time and life with a baby, with real experiences, honest reviews and any ‘life hacks’ we pick up along the way!

Thanks for reading,

Best of luck with your journey.


We hope you find Baby-Things useful and if you have any questions or want to get in touch, be sure to contact us or leave a comment on our posts!’