Angelcare AC1100 Review

Angelcare AC1100 Review Introduction

The Angelcare AC1100 Digital Video, Movement and Sound Baby Monitor is an all singing all dancing video, sound and movement monitor that is fighting for the lead amongst the best baby monitors. 

Angelcare are the first to combine video and movement with a traditional monitor to offer the complete package. Previous models and other brands offer superb video, visual and recording abilities and others offer high tech movement and pressure sensor pads to put worried parents at ease.

If you are looking for a leading product that does all of that and have are able to splurge on a high end baby product then the Angelcare AC1100 might be for you.

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Combined video, audio and movement capabilities – first in the market to combine all three

Sleek modern design

High quality screen with crisp imagery

Infrared lighting for night time visuals

Parent unit has 7cm touch screen

Talk back features



Expensive and some features are not strictly necessary

Features such as the movement or visual monitoring can be obtained in alternative products with a lower price tag

Nursery unit tilts forward to achieve a better angle, but for some nursery set ups, the tilt angle would not be sufficient if the camera unit was placed on top of a tall cabinet for example.

More complicated than other simple models to set up. (If you have ever set any digital item up before though, you should be fine seriously.)


Angelcare have been market leader for the last 15 years and have proved time and time again that they produce well designed and effective baby products. They are the first to combine all three types of baby monitor into one product.


Video Monitor Capabilities

The high quality image captured in the nursery is transmitted to the parent unit onto a 7cm LCD touch screen. Meaning you get a crisp and accurate picture of your baby or child and what they are up to.

Using the parent rechargeable unit you can rotate and zoom the full colour camera to adjust the view without having to disturb your little one.

The nursery unit has a infrared LEDs built in so you can seamlessly switch to night view and still see your child without disturbing them with nursery lights.

Movement Sensor

The innovative sensor pad can be placed underneath the mattress to monitor all of your baby’s movements. It can be set to different pressure sensitivity levels and controlled thought the parent handset.

Something called a ‘TIC feature’ enables you to know that the monitor is still working.

Movement sensor mats are a great way for anxious parents to better monitor their baby or child and have reassurance at all times that their little one is okay. An alarm sound on the parent unit if no movement is detected for 20 seconds.


Sound Monitoring

This system has an operating range of 200m, so it can be carried around the home and garden.

The digital 2.4GHz sound transmission is crystal clear and includes a talk-back function, so you can communicate with your child without entering the room. Especially useful to soothe them during the night before you can get into the room.



There is an out of range indicator so you can relax.

The battery unit lasts up to 8 hours when fully charged and there’s a low battery indicator for reassurance.

Temperature display, which will notify you if the temperature become too warm or too cold.


Nightlight & Lullabies

The cute little halo on the nursery Angel unit it also a night light, which glows with a delicate and soothing blue colour. This can be controlled through the parent unit.

The Nursery Angel unit plays sweet lullabies which again, can be controlled through your handset.

Extra Features:

  • Volume control, Hold and Mute function
  • Nightlight and Timer
  • Vibration alert
  • Optical TIC feature, reassuring you that the monitor is working
  • Power supply is battery rechargeable or mains operated

Honest review

The sensor pad takes a little patience to set up. Be prepared to spend a bit of time getting it right. The movement detector is very sensitive as a default so you will have to adjust it based on the thickness of your mattress. Also, be prepared for a few possible panic moments at first with the alarm going off until you get the settings right.

Also, you have to make sure the pad is on a flat base – if your cot has a base that folds in half, the pad can only be positioned at one end of the cot and not over the split in the middle. This could cause problems and is certainly something to consider.

The video quality is usually excellent, but sometimes there are moments when it is not perfect and a little grainy. Not always, and usually, the picture is absolutely fine.

It is pretty to cool to have all of these features at your fingertips and if you are a particularly anxious parent then the Angelcare AC1100 might be really helpful to you.

Perhaps the idea of so many different ways of monitoring your baby seems a little excessive and the Angelcare AC1100 would be an unnecessary investment.

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Who would this product be perfect for?

Perhaps a young couple, interested in the latest technology. Anxious first time parents or even parents of a child who has health problems that mean you spend time worrying about them when they are in their cot bed. A movement sensor monitor would really help parents to relax and get some sleep themselves!