Best Baby Monitor 2023

Buying a Baby Monitor is one of the many important and confusing baby product purchases a new parent will face.

We must admit that when we first look at a new range of something electrical, with lists and lists of comparable information organised in the most confusing way possible. We get that familiar glaze over our eyes too and a breathe a sigh of exasperation.

But no more! My dear reader.

We have spent hours and hours dissecting, gathering and comparing baby monitors available on the market today and now have a definitive list of our top 10 baby monitors from across the board. (From basic budget ones to jaw dropping designer ones.)

We aim to be fair and detailed with our reporting, to help you and guide into making the right choice for your important purchase.
At the end we have our ‘Best Budget Baby Monitor’ and ‘Best Luxury Baby Monitor’ for you.

Here is a small summary of our top picks, or you can read further for more in-depth reviews of our Top 10:

  • iBaby M6S
  • Price: ££
  • Video: Yes
  • Innovative monitor utilising your smartphone or tablet.
Budget Pick
  • BT Audio Monitor 400
  • Price: £
  • Video: No
  • Simple and affordable audio only monitor.
Best Luxury Buy
  • Angelcare AC1300
  • Price: £££
  • Video: Yes
  • Video features and added sensor pad for extra peace of mind.
  • Angelcare AC510
  • Price: £££
  • Video: Yes
  • High-end video baby monitor.

If you are unsure at this point exactly which type of Baby Monitor to chose from, check out our simple breakdown at the bottom of this article to help you make your decision.

We will start with the most purse friendly baby monitors, working up toward our top designer picks and most expensive. Super straightforward.

Motorola MBP8 Digital Baby Monitor

A super affordable baby monitor from a trusted and reliable brand. The Motorola MBP8 is a great little gadget that does exactly what its supposed to do.  The devices look smart, and plug in to the wall which eliminates the annoyance of having to change batteries, which can only be a good thing!

If you’re looking for a functional and easy to use baby monitor that is cheaper than most alternatives, then this might be for you.

Key features

  • The Motorola MBP8 Plugs into wall so no need to replace batteries.
  • Up to 50m indoor range with an ‘out of range’ notification.
  • Sensitive microphone
  • 1.8 GHx Dect Technology (Reliable wireless connection.)
  • LED light display to show a visual representation of sound
  • Night light


  • cheap and no batteries needed
  • easy to use and set up
  • great clear, interference free sound


  • Some complaints of being ‘over sensitive’ to noise
  • No screen
  • No temperature

BT Audio Baby Monitor 400, White/Purple

A neat little white and purple monitor and parent unit, slightly more expensive that the Motorola MBP8.

With no fancy features other than good old fashioned sound monitoring and an LED light display to show sound as visuals.  It boasts of being compact which is great, especially as a busy parent trying hold many things and move around the house.

The long distance range means you don’t have to worry about going out into the garden and the HD audio ensures crystal clear sound, so no frustrating crackle!BT400 Baby Monitor Review

Key features:

  • Compact
  • 50m range and 300m outdoor range
  • Interference free HD clear sound
  • Batteries included and two mains power adaptors included too.
  • Ultra sensitive sound pick up with LED visuals for even tiny sounds.


  • The BT400 Baby Monitor has a Long range
  • Small and powerful, can pick up to sound of a ticking clock.
  • Easy to set up and operate


  • Cheaper alternative available
  • No night light
  • No screen or temperature display

Angelcare AC401 Movement and Sound Baby Monitor

This baby monitor from Angelcare does it all. The sensor pad which sits under the mattress provides extra comfort and piece of mind when your baby sleeps.
The sensor pad is entirely optional and the parent/nursery units have a huge array of features that make this a very reliable device.
Angelcare AC401 Movement Monitor
Key features:

  • Movement pad detects movement and sounds alarm after 20 seconds of no movement
  • Parent unit is rechargeable
  • Out of range indicator to let you know when the units are not communicating
  • Nursery unit rim is a night light
  • Temperature display on the parent unit


  • Adjustable sensor setting on the pad is useful as your baby grows and becomes more active
  • Incredibly reliable
  • Night light is a great additional feature


  • No lullaby feature
  • No alert sounds for low battery.
  • Nightlight is just one colour and not a projectable image.

BT Video Baby Monitor 6000

This feature rich video monitor is a popular choice for many parents. If you are keen on purchasing a video baby monitor specifically for video functionality, you cannot go wrong with this one. The video unit has a pan and tilt function with remote control, so you can move the camera from the comfort of another room when baby moves.

The camera also features night vision so when baby is in the dark, you can still see your little one sleeping.

5 different lullaby’s can be played through the baby unit and with two way talk back functionality, you can reassure your baby that you are near by even if you aren’t in the room.
BT 6000 Baby Monitor

Key features:

  • Two way communication
  • 5 different lullaby’s can be played
  • Remote control pan and tilt on the camera
  • Temperature control
  • Night video vision
  • Two mains power adaptors and rechargable


  • Large 5″ screen
  • 250m range
  • Long life on the batteries


  • Can be hard to hear baby if you have other noise in the room

Tommee Tippee Digital Sound and Movement Monitor

Super sleek looking in black and white and from one of the most reputable baby product brands available.
The motion and movement pad is sensitive enough to set your mind at ease when putting baby to bed.

A baby monitor with a movement sensor pad is a perfect addition to the nursery for safety and piece of mind. They alert you anything abnormal in movement that can not always be heard through the audio capture or be seen on a video monitor.

When you have the added reassurance of a movement sensor, with your baby monitor, the other features are just extra bonuses!
The Tommee Tippee Digital Sound and Movement Monitor has all other features that the cheaper model also have, including two way speakers, a night light controlled by the parent device etc. But also has some bonus ones, like a rechargeable docking station, to make life that little bit easier for parents.

Tommee Tippee Digital Sensor Mat Monitor Review
Key features:

  • Movement sensor pad for baby.
  • Temperature display – on both units
  • Two way communication
  • Night Light – controlled by parent unit
  • Rechargeable battery via (docking station)
  • Up to 300m range
  • Paging function to find handset


  • Motion monitor can save lives and gives parents peace of mind
  • Great long distance and quality sound connection
  • We love the convenient paging function, incase you misplace the parent unit in a hurry!


  • Power cables have been known to break income cases.
  • Breathing sensor is known to be over sensitive sometimes, causing false alarms and panicked parents.
  • Product beeps to notify certain movements, this can be annoying to some parents.

Motorola MBP36S Video Baby Monitor

With quite a big jump in price between the Tommee Tippee monitor and this one, comes a lot of unique differences.

The Motorola MBP36S Video Monitor has a beautiful full colour LCD 3.5 inch video display and the high tech camera is able to view 300 degrees, with a pan tilt and zoom feature which makes this video monitor especially useful for twins. (To pan around the room to two cot beds.

With a two way speaker using 2.4GHz connection, this monitor is great for little ones as well as the adults to communicate through.

We love the infrared lighting too, so that you can keep an eye on your little one without a conventional light to keep them awake.

Overall, a great picture quality and lots of extra little features that make this a stand out baby monitor amongst the higher priced monitors.

Motorola MBP36s Baby Monitor Review
Key features:

  • 3.5 inch colour LCD video display
  • Sensitive audio monitoring
  • Motorised pan, tilt and zoom
  • 300* viewing angle
  • Infrared night viewing
  • Two way communication
  • Room temperature
  • 5 Lullabies programmed
  • Up to 200 m Range with Out-of-Range Warning
  • Visual noise LEDs
  • Can use up to 4 cameras
  • Rechargeable battery via mini usb


  • Super easy to use with remote controllable camera
  • Sweet lullabies that can be activated remotely
  • Great sound quality


  • Battery doesn’t last like you would hope it would for the price
  • Feels cheap to hold
  • High resolution can lead to a lag in the video – perhaps due to wifi connection speed?

Angelcare AC1300 Digital Video, Movement and Sound Baby Monitor

One first impressions, we are taken with the Angelcare AC1300, the slinky white finish, elegantly integrated LED lights and simple grey buttons are a winner with us.

The camera unit also looks super cool, with little ‘angel wings’ that are actually to make holding the camera unit easier.

Angelcare boast of a crystal clear sound transmission, which is back up by hundreds of honest product reviews. We love the fact it combines an under the mattress sensor pad, with convention audio, with a high resolution video feature too. It makes you feel better about spending the money it costs when you think of all the luxury features you are getting.

I would be unhappy to spend a lot of money and have to choose between either a movement sensor or video technology, but getting both with the Angelcare package, makes me feel at ease and like its money well spent.Angelcare AC1300 Baby Monitor Review

Key features:

  • 3.5inch colour LCD screen
  • Sensitive audio pickup with secure connection
  • Under the mattress movement sensor pad
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Night light
  • Low battery indicator – battery or mains operated
  • Rechargeable portable parent unit
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Camera pan and zoom


  • beautifully designed
  • nightlight is excellent
  • great picture on video camera


  • No two way communication
  • No lullabies
  • Camera doesn’t physically move as it is fixed to the base of the stand, only the lens moves.

iBaby M6S 1080P Video Wifi Baby Monitor

We are totally amazed at the iBaby M6s super high tech, modern baby monitor. Pushing the boundaries of a conventional baby monitor with a futuristic design and features. The iBaby is only one unit, which includes the video camera. There isn’t a parent device included and technology friendly parents are able to use their android or apple devices instead of a regular monitor.

This has major advantage to us, the battery life on some of our every day phone and other devices is alway going to be better than baby monitor device (considering the most average smart phone costs at least £300 to buy outright.)

The second advantage is that you can access the data and images whilst on the go, which most of us are.. ALL the time! Especially as parents. It is much easier to slip your smart phone or iPhone into you pocket as the portable parent device for the baby monitor than trying to carry a conventional baby monitor handset around the house with you!

Thirdly, the iBaby makes it super easy to share images with your partner, family or friends, another step forward to the future of baby monitors. The connection between the nursery unit and the parent device has been designed be perfectly secure and safe to use.

We love the advanced movement ability of the camera too, with a 360* pan and 110* tilt with a smooth movement.ibaby care Baby Monitor Review

Key features:

  • 1080p HD crystal clear resolution
  • Night vision
  • Play lullabies, bed time stories (connect to iTunes)
  • Two way communication
  • Works with Android or Apple device (parent unit – free app)
  • 360* view and 110* tilt
  • New sharing to social sites and invite users technology
  • Secure wifi, using 2.4GHz or 5.0GHz
  • Temperature, humidity and air sensors


  • Unique futuristic design
  • Best quality 1080p HD video quality
  • Makes a baby monitor more integrated into our everyday lives.


  • Unless you have an excellent wifi connection, you may fave problem with the highest 100p resolution.
  • With huge amount of data being captured, this is not the sort of thing you would want to use with your mobile data. – Something to consider.
  • Expensive baby monitor, but worth it for some people.

Angelcare AC510 Digital Video and Sound 5-inch Touch Screen Baby Monitor

Another delightfully elegant design from Angelcare, with effortless slimline white lines and a super discreet camera unit for your nursery, this baby monitor system is so home friendly.

The huge 5inch parent unit is so different from other monitors, it is touch screen for starters! We love how it resembles a phone or small tablet, something we are all so used to using everyday now as part of our routine.

We love the design of this monitor, how it doesn’t look like a conventional baby monitor, the camera is small and portable, meaning you will probably be quite happy to continue using it as your little one grows up to keep an eye on them wherever they are in the house.

The great 2.4GHz connection means you get a beautifully clear and high quality image of your baby and an uninterrupted sound connection.

One of the pricier baby monitors on the market, you kind of hope it has everything and more. It does have a lot to offer in terms of analytics for parents, and convenient features, such as two power plugs, the option to wall mount or use the table stop stand, and a colour changing temperature display. Tiny noticeable things that make you enjoy your luxury baby monitor that bit more.Angelcare AC510 Baby Monitor Review

Key features:

  • Large 5 inch touch screen colour monitor
  • Advanced analytics for parents
  • Colour changing temperature display
  • Wall mount or table top camera unit with pan wide angle action
  • Two way communication
  • Super sensitive sound monitoring
  • Secure 2.4GHz digital transmission
  • LED lights to show visible sounds
  • Under the mattress movement sensor pad
  • Rechargeable parent unit, battery included for nursery camera


  • Beautifully designed with touch screen familiarity
  • Excellent camera adjustments, with pan and zoom and a wide angle lens – perfect for use with more than one baby.
  • Advanced analytics for parents keen to learn more about their little ones.


  • Expensive
  • No lullaby or story features
  • No movement sensor mat

HelloBaby HB32 Wireless Monitor

The HelloBaby HB32 seems sleek and simple looking but actually comes with a huge array of features that you would find in many premium branded monitors. The huge 300m wireless range will cover even the very largest of houses. It comes with superb privacy settings so there is no risk that anything can be hacked or transmitted.
The monitor features 8 different lullaby’s, night vision and very clear picture quality on the parent unit.
We found the picture quality really good even when you zoomed in.

Key features:

  • Night vision video
  • Large buttons – easy to use
  • Interface and functionality is simple
  • 8 different lullaby’s play at a perfect volume
  • You can buy separate cameras and pair up the parent unit to up to 4 cameras


  • Nicely priced for the features
  • Lullaby’s are a great added feature
  • Two way talk so you can talk to baby


  • “HelloBaby” is a fairly new name to the market and still building trust

Best Value Baby Monitor

Our winner is either the Motorola MBP8 Audio Baby Monitor or the BT 400 Baby Monitor. Both are affordable, reliable and do exactly what they’re supposed to do. For a basic baby monitor that is more conventional, the Motorola MBP8 is an entry level model that ticks all the boxes, we particularly like the fact that both nursery and parent units are both wall plug ins so no need to worry about batteries running out and the fact that there is a night light on the nursery device.BT400 Baby Monitor Review
However, after all things considered, I have to say that our winner is the BT400 Baby Monitor. It is sturdy, reliable and does everything that a traditional entry level baby monitor should do.
With the simple parent and baby unit, 2 mains adaptors and 2 rechargeable battery packs – you don’t need anything else. The audio is absolutely crystal clear and you don’t have to worry about anything else other than being able to hear your little one.
For the money, the BT 400 Baby Monitor is a great little buy!

Top luxury Baby Monitor

This was a super difficult one, with SO many choices and options to consider. For us the main points are:

  • Does it have a movement sensor pad?
  • Does it have video capability?
  • Does it have a clear sound?
  • Is is easy to set up?
  • Is is special enough to warrant paying extra money for?

Angelcare AC1300 Baby Monitor Review
With those points considered, we have concluded that for us the Angelcare AC1300 Digital Video, Movement and Sound Baby Monitor is our winner!
We know how important those movement detector mats are to parents and that fact that this monitor has one, along with a fantastic digital video display too, we are really in favour of it.

Yes it is expensive, but for all of its beautiful design features, we think that it is worth it, to have something really special for your precious little one.

Baby Monitors Different Types and Uses

A baby monitor is probably high up somewhere on your all important baby things list that you need to get before your baby arrives.

Baby monitors can be a confusing game and after hours of researching you will understand the ins and outs of what they all do. But who has hours to waste on reading and learning about electronic devices? Not everyone!

We have broken down all the essential information you need to know and things you need to consider before deciding which baby monitor is right for your needs.

What are the options?

Audio monitor only – the traditional, simple and affordable baby monitor. Allows you to hear what is going on in the nursery and in some models allows you to talk back through the parent device to calm your baby through a speaker before you enter the room.

Video baby monitors – a camera unit is placed in the nursery which picks up sound and video imagery of your baby. The image is transmitted to a parent handset so you can see and hear your little one.

Movement sensor monitor – these are the ones that look especially confusing, but don’t worry. The large square pad (movement sensor pad) is placed under the mattress and monitors movement including breathing, of your baby within the crib or cot bed. The focus of this technology is to be there to send a warning sound to the parent device if no movement has been detected from your baby for a number of seconds.

Smart Baby Monitors – these are the most advanced baby monitor kits and usually contain two or three of the above features, rolled into one product. This type of baby monitor has become increasing more popular over the last couple of years and some companies have integrated technology that can be used with your phone, iPhone or tablet, for monitoring and recording information.

Which type of baby monitor is best?

This completely depends on your needs as a parent and the needs of your baby or child. The traditional baby monitors that were sold for years were audio only, allowing you to hear your baby breathing, snoring or crying!

Audio baby monitors are also the most simple to use, if your are searching for a baby monitor for grandparents to use for example, this option might be best if they are not comfortable with technology.
If you are an anxious parent, worrying all day and night about your baby whenever they are sleeping a movement sensor pad might be more suitable. They take a bit of getting used to and fine tuning to set them up. (Depending on the thickness of your mattress and other factors, you may need to set the sensitivity level higher or lower to avoid the panic of false alarms going off.

For the technology lovers who are soon to become parents, you might be excited about some of the smart features available for baby monitors for 2019. The iBaby M2S Plus, for example, allows you to see your baby from any smart phone or tablet, control the camera using your smart device and also comes with additional features such as temperature and humidity sensors. This monitor also allows 2-way audio and has movement and sound alert so your smartphone receives a notification when something is going on – great for monitoring and for not missing those special moments.

Something we are really obsessed with in terms of video monitoring is the ability with some devices to take screen shots or photographs of what you can see on the screen at the time.

We take a million pictures of our babies and children when they are awake and playing, but when they are asleep, we dare not try to take a picture for fear of waking them up! The smart technology of some video monitors allows you to do this and even take video recordings. These pictures and videos can then be shared through the app to your partner, friends or family who were not there to witness the moment!

Added features of baby monitors

Who doesn’t want some lullabies to be played for the nursery. The less expensive models have a selection of lullabies pre programmed into the baby monitor which can be turned on through the parent device from the next room.
The more expensive models of baby monitors allow you, through your phone or tablet to download and play specific music or lullabies through the nursery monitor.

Night lights
Most baby monitors will come with some sort of in built night light, a gentle soothing glow which can be set on a timer or turned on remotely to save stumbling into the nursery in the dark and waking up your baby!

There is a lot to consider when selecting a baby monitor, it is best to work out what features you are particularly excited about having and use them as a checklist to find the perfect baby monitor.
Not all features will be needed by all parents. Some might even find the video and movement sensor features too complicated or annoying. Have a good think and check out the above baby monitor reviews.