Best Stair Gate 2023 – Stair Gates Review

The safety of your child is your number one priority.

A stair gate is a very simple and cost effective way of ensuring your child does not fall down the stairs or have an accident when trying to climb up the stairs.

We keep things simple in our reviews below giving you the key information.

Let’s dive right in and discuss the best stair gates.

1. Safety 1st Secure Tech Simply Close Metal Gate


  • Fits doorways 73cm to 80cm
  • Four point pressure fit (no damage to walls)
  • Handle clicks shut, one or two button locking
  • One or two way use (for stairs or regular door way)

This is a firm favourite amongst parents for its inexpensive price tag.

Pressure point fitting and red / green safety indicator that lets you know the gate is safely closed.

A simple sleek design that can be set up in minutes.

The four point pressure screw pads can be adjusted (screwed in or out) to make the safety gate fit snugly into your door or walkway.

There is no drilling required so its ideal for people living in rented houses or who are not confident using a drill.

The light indicator, red and green is a unique feature that we haven’t seen on any other similar priced safety gate.

It would be especially useful to have this light indicator if you had friends round who were not familiar or used to having stair and safety gates around.

To make it easier for them to remember to lock the gate as they go through.

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2. Lindam Easy Fit Plus Deluxe Pressure Fit Safety Gate

  • Fits openings from 76cm to 82cm
  • Four point pressure fitting (no drilling required)
  • Squeeze and lift handle
  • Can be used with one or two way opening for bottom of stairs or standard doorways.

The handle on the Lindam Easy Fit is quite easy to use with one hand.

(Once you get used to it!)

It’s especially useful if you are holding baby in one arm and trying to navigate through the house with the other.

Again this safety gate is attached and secured by four pressure points.

You can adjust it to fit your exact sized door.

The positive of this type of safety gate is that it is really easy to assemble and quick to install.

The downside is that due to the nature of the frame and the support it needs to be secure. There is a bar that sits along the floor at the bottom of the safety gate.

This bar is a couple of centimetres high and takes some getting used to.

Especially if you have never been in a house with safety gates before.

If you accidentally kick the bar you will know about it!

(It is the same situation for all pressure fitted safety gates.)

You will soon know know to trip over or accidentally kick the bar.

The fact that you have to physically unlock and open the gate to get through it makes you stop and step over the bar.

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3. BabyDan No Trip Beechwood Safety Gate

  • Fits doors of 72cm to 78.5cm
  • Drilled fixings, for a no trip base
  • Double locking mechanism. Lift and press button to open.
  • One or two way opening with no trip bar

This BabyDan safety gate is of the few wooden safety gates to have a natural Beech finish.

(Most are white metal, white plastic or wood that has been painted white.)

This safety gate has a traditional screw fixing.

Which might seem like an annoyance or a more inconvenient way of setting up your safety gate.

But it is the only type of gate that is suitable to use a the top of the stairs.

Both sides of the gate are securely attached to the wall with screws.

Which means the gate does not need a support bar at the bottom for when the gate is open.

The opening is a simple button press and lift of the gate.

This double safety feature is also great for when using at the top of stairs for added reassurance.

BabyDan make extremely well crafted and affordable products.

This safety gate is build to last and will serve its purpose without any fuss.

To give you reassurance and peace of mind.

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4. BabyDan Guard Me Auto Retractable Safety Guard


  • Fits openings of 55-89cm
  • Drilled fittings, no trip hazard, gate auto folds itself away when you open it
  • Double locking for extra safety
  • Can be fitted in awkward spaces and in diagonal openings

This safety gate / guard is rather special.

It is the only to be made of PVC slats that join together.

It easily adjusts to be able to fit most sizes doors or openings.

The side panels are screwed into the wall and the unique thing about this safety guard is that is automatically retracts itself when you press the button and release the lock.

The good news is that the gate retracts quickly and in a corrugated way.

So that when the gate it not in use, it tucks neatly away and is barely visible.

There is a downside to this though.

The auto retract feature is indeed quick.

If your baby or child was siting near the gate and you opened it to let the gate retract itself, they could be harmed by the sudden moving gate.

You can in fact hold the handle of the gate for a more controlled retract though.

So don’t worry too much.

The unlocking mechanism is quite unique too.

It can be pressed with one thumb.

So it is very easy to use even if you have your hands full.

(Which you probably will).

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5. Dreambaby Retractable Safety Gate – Grey

  • Large width of up to 140cm
  • Drilled attachments due to the retractable feature
  • Advanced locking system (explained below)

This is probably one of the more designer looking safety gates on the market.

The good news is that is can be used anywhere, including abnormally sized door frames.

Even at the bottom and top of staircases too.

It is made of a durable and sturdy ‘see through’ mesh which can be used indoors or outdoors.

The initial set up of the safety gate is a little time consuming.

But so worth it in the long run.

The safety barrier auto retracts whilst being guided by your hand on the handle.

When fully retracted the mesh is completely hidden and therefore takes up an absolute minimal amount of space.

The locking and unlocking mechanism is unusual.

On one side there is a dial which double locks the gate.

It also has a switch for you to choose whether or not you would like the gate to open silently.

The silent option is excellent for night time.

But in order to operate silently, it needs to be operated using two hands.

The loud, standard option makes a whirring noise when the gate is opened to alert you that the gate is being operated.

We love this gate so much.

It does literally everything you could want from a safety gate.

Dream baby have really thought things through with the silent feature and the fact that it can be used at the bottom and top of the stairs.

It looks slick and we love the fact that it takes up a minimal amount of space when open. 

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6. Bettacare Pressure Fit Child and Pet Stair Gate

  • Available in different sizes, ranging from the smallest gate (75cm – 83cm), to the largest, (133.2cm – 147.4cm)
  • Extra tall gate (140cm)
  • Four point pressure fitted (no damage to walls)
  • Double locking mechanism
  • Can be used one or two ways for opening

The unique feature of this safety gate is its unusual height.

Excellent for taller children or for large dogs!

There are actually 11 different sizes available.

So if you live in a house with unusual sized doors, this safety gate may be useful.

Each sized gate can also be extended if needed by purchasing an extender pack.

It is a pressure point fitter gate which is great for the minimal damage to the walls.

Uniquely, this safety gate can also be applied with screws.

So you cat attach it however best fits your needs.

In shiny sleek white it is not imposing and looks neat and modern in your home.

We like the slimmer gap between the bars.

At just 5cm they are close enough to deter pets from trying to sneak through.


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7. Lindam Sure Shut Porte Pressure Fit Safety Gate

  • Fits doorways of 76cm – 82cm
  • Attaches via four pressure pads, there are no screws, to save you having to drill into your walls
  • Double safety for opening, squeeze and lift handle. Gate closes by pushing it until you hear it ‘click’
  • One way opening for use on bottom of stairs; two way opening for use in doorways

This safety will take about 5 minutes to install.
The pressure fitting makes it super easy and quick.

A unique feature of this gate is the extra wide walkthrough area.

Whilst this may seem insignificant, we promise that when you are trying to hold 10 different things and juggle baby a the same time.

A wider than average safety gate is a blessing!

This gate can be conveniently used in either direction.

A simple switch at the base of the gate turns the gate from a two way to a one way with one click.

Perfect for using at the bottom of stairs.

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8. Lindam Flexiguard – Portable Safety Barrier

  • Fits door frames of between 71cm and 92cm
  • Four point pressure fit safety frame
  • Temporary use stair gate, for use when travelling or visiting as a solid barrier
  • Includes carry bag
  • To walk through the doorway the safety gate has to be completely removed

This is a fantastic a portable safety gate from Lindam.

Perfect for visiting relatives, to keep little one safe and secure.
You don’t have to damage ay walls or use screws or anything.

Simply place the gate between two posts and allow the frame to expand to fit the door frame. 

It is not suitable for using at the top of stairs, but to block the bottom of stairs temporarily it is perfect.

Ideal for travelling when the person you are visiting has pets.

Or if you want to keep your child out of the kitchen whilst cooking.

When you’re finished using it, you just fold it down and it can be stored and carried away in its own travel bag.

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