Bright Starts 5-in-1 Your Way Ball Play Activity Gym Review

The Bright Starts 5 in 1 Your Way Ball Play Activity Gym has clearly been designed for the busy, modern day parent and inquisitive baby.

It creates a safe and fun enclosed environment for your baby to lie in or your toddler to play in.

With no weight limit and with its large size, it is made to last from baby to toddler stage, ensuring you get the absolute maximum use out of it.

Bright Starts 5-in-1 Your Way Ball Play, Play Mat & Activity Gym

The ‘Your Way Ball Play’ can be used as a soft mat, for newborns. But as your little one grows, and becomes more adventurous, you can start using the soft but secure sides to turn the mat into a pen / ball pit. To keep them safe in a secure enclosed space.

We love the fact that not all the sides have to be up at once, so you can create a three sided wall and leave a space for you to sit and play with your toddler. Like in the picture below.


  • The balls for the ball pit are included and can be conveniently stored in the little lion bag.
  • A cute little elephant sits at the top of the play arch to keep little ones entertained, it has colourful flashing lights and over 20 minutes of happy melodies.
  • The mat is 48 inches x 48 inches when flat, so there is loads of room for babies.
  • A lovely activity arch sits over the mat, which is full of adventure, a baby safe mirror, a musical elephant, musical toucan, bead sliders, teethers, crinkle fabrics and more.
  • The mat is machine washable.. (Say no more!)

The ‘Your Way Ball Play’ is a fantastic all in one centre. It is quite affordable and will last for years, a lot longer than some of the cheaper play gym sets.

It’s packed with bright colours, activities for little ones, sounds, melodies, textures and toys.

We love the multiplayer use functionality and the fact that it can be transported easily for use at grandparents houses or for visiting friends. – To keep your little one in a safe enclosed environment where they can be occupied for hours.

Extras – This all in one play gym set also comes with a prop pillow for babies, so they can be comfortable when lying on their tummies.

A separate round bag – decorated like a lion – is there to keep all 36 balls tidy and together. Easy to transport and to keep the balls off your floor!


This is a fab all round play gym, with lots of fun activities. It is suited for solo play and playtime with you, thanks to the folding sides.

It is pretty easy to store and transport, the activity arch detaches from the mat, and the mat folds up neatly. Perfect for taking with you instead of a baby swing or large bounce and play centre. Ideal if the person you are visiting has animals too. Whilst it won’t stop large dogs or clever cats, it will deter them and most likely keep small dogs away from your baby, thanks to the fold up sides.

A worthwhile investment, overall. It will last longer than seats, swings and bouncers that have weight limits.

The ball pit play turns a simply play mat into a whole new adventure for toddlers. Having the Your Way Ball Play will save you from having to buy a ball pit in the future.

It is also a great thing to have around for spending time in the garden. The perfect way to keep babies safe and off the grass, (in case of allergies). It also means you don’t have to hold them in your arms the whole time and they can relax in a different way, from being in a swing or rocker.