Essential Baby Products You NEED

Essential Baby Products
Does your baby list seem to getting longer and longer?
Buying everything you need for a baby is an expensive but necessary task.
We have researched and summarised the top baby things that you will absolutely need on your list, without including gadgets, and luxury items that you might regret buying.
Read on for our basic list of essentials that you will need you for your new baby.

Car Seat
If you are the owner of a car and are planning on taking baby home from the hospital in that car, you legally need a car seat before being able to leave hospital.
The UK law means you can travel without a car seat in a licensed taxi, but you WILL need a car seat if you are taking your own car.It is very important that you purchase the right car seat for your baby. It is also extremely important that your car seat fits into the car that you own.
We have a separate article on car seats which can be viewed here. This details everything you need to know about groups and compatibility.


Feeding Accessories
Whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding, there are a tonne of products to support and create the best experience possible for feeding.
The essentials really are bottles, teats, a steriliser to keep them squeaky clean and something to clean up with.
There are a huge array of different ranges and brands to choose from, including MAM, Tommee Tippee and Avent
Buying into a brand is the best option for compatibility across products.


For your tiny new baby, a moses basket or crib with a new mattress along with a room thermometer and baby monitor. This means baby gets a good nights sleep and you are happy knowing they are safe and you can see or hear the though the monitor.
At 6 months of age, or around that time, your baby can be moved in to a cot or cot bed. This means you will need a cot mattress or a cot bed mattress.
Fitted sheets, perhaps a waterproof cover and cellular blankets are a must.
You can also get a whole range of beautiful accessories like cot mobiles and light shows, black blinds for a good sleep and night lights.


How hard it is not to get over excited. The essentials are something warm like a sleep suit or body suit. Some socks, scratch mitts, a hat and a blanket.
After that, you have creative choice of what adorable cloths you want to dress your little one in.


Nappy Changing
You will of course need need nappies, whether you decide to go for the reusable ones or the disposable, the choice is yours. You will also need baby wipes, (lots of) nappy sacks and a changing mat or cot- top changer. This just makes like far easier for you and more comfortable for baby.
Other than some nappy rash cream, anything else in this department is an added luxury.


It wont be long before your little one will enjoy splashing in the bath. To make life easier, you may like to invest in a baby bath or support for them to sit in in the bath, some soft baby towels and a non-slip bath mat.
A thermometer for the bath water may also be a good idea!


For Safety
Stair gates are usually a must have accessory. Other safety products include a smoke and carbon monoxide detector, plug socket covers, cupboard and window catches, furniture corner protectors and a fireguard.
For baby top play safely you may also like to invest in a play pen.


The essentials include a changing bag, for on the go changes, and a great place to store literally everything, whilst travelling.
Something with wheels, a travel system or pushchair, whilst not absolutely necessary, all the time, will make your life a lot easier when you’re out of the house for a period of time.
Essential accessories for your travel system or pushchair include a parasol, rain cover and warm foot muff for the winter.
It seems that the brands that lead the way and dominate in terms of popularity are toning down their colour choices for a more subtle and sophisticated palette for 2018.
Bright sky blue, bright purple and pinks have been replaced with vintage blue, vintage pink and more earthy neutral colours.
The modelling and photo shoots for the new travel systems is all about the modern sleek with a moody and sophisticated style.
The New Silver Cross Travel System is a travel system of beauty.
It has a sophisticated herringbone pattern in a subtle grey, all of the usual chrome features and elegant black. The signature wheels and leather handlebar, this travel system is also a major fashion accessory, and really worth checking out!
Perfect for a girl or a boy and super sleek in a trendy grey. Pushing you little one in the new Silver Cross travel system is a sure way to turn heads and to be at the front of baby things fashion trends.
Silver Cross have really gone for a new sophisticated colour palette. Ditching the brights blues and pinks and toning it down to more heritage looking colours.
silver cross wayfarer
Of course, brands like Cossato are still ruling with their great bold prints which are hugely popular and always on trend, (Like Orla Kiely) but brands such as Silver Cross have gone for the ‘all grown up’ muted tone look.
cosatto giggle fox tale


For General Cleaning
Babies do generate a LOT of mess, especially bottles and feeding equipment, dirty clothes and bedding.
We discovered something called a handy helper, which is a fantastic gadget to help you with your never ending stream of baby bottles and plastic feeding equipment.
For the next few years you are going to have what seems like a kitchen full of plastic items, bowls plates, forks, spoons, bottles, sippy cups, trays, teats….
The thing is, they never, ever seem to just sit on the drainer. They don’t fit into the dish rack properly and usually end up rolling around with pools of water left in them, or they bounce onto the floor and you have to chase them.
The gadget we found is genius, the ‘Handy Helper’ has rubber prongs to grab your items even in obscure positions and hold them in place to dry so that the water can drain out properly!
Simple things that make a big difference!


Essentials for Baby Cleaning
The classic and well known all over the world brand Johnsons.johnsons essential box
Everyone knows the classic blue bottle baby bath liquid and the classic pink packaged lotion. The iconic white talc bottle and the clear bottle of baby oil.
They have done an amazing job over the years at creating a recognisable brand that sticks in you head, more than other brands.
If you asked someone to name the product from just the bottle shape and colour with no label, I bet most people would be able to name at least one Johnsons product if not more. Even if they don’t have a baby!


It seems that every new parent is destined to receive or buy one of these boxes for their new baby at some point.
So whats inside the Johnsons box?
Baby shampoo 300ml
Baby lotion 300ml
Baby oil 300ml
Baby soap 100g
Bedtime bath 300ml
Top to Toe wash 300ml
Baby bath 300ml
64 Baby wipes
johnsons baby bath
This super box set it really handy and contains good sized bottles of each product. There is enough of each product to really work out if you and your baby like using it and it will keep you going for quite a while!