Best High Chairs 2023 Review & Guide

So you’re trying to find the best high chair that suits your childs needs, is well made, looks good and is the right price for your budget.

We have the perfect thing for you.

In this extensive guide we review in depth, a huge range of styles and brands of highchairs.

By reading this article you will learn everything you need to you need to know about highchairs to be able to pick the perfect one for you and your family.

We cover budget highchairs, right through to designer ones in this top 10 guide.

You can see a quick summary of our top picks here, or scroll further for more in-depth reviews:

  • Ikea Antilop
  • Price: £
  • Foldable: No
  • Cheapest highchair on the market!
Budget Pick
  • Chicco Pocket Meal
  • Price: ££
  • Foldable: Yes
  • Nice design, our top pick budget high chair!
  • Ingenuity Trio Smart Highchair
  • Price: £££
  • Foldable: Yes
  • Fantastic durable highchair that converts into a booster!
Best Overall
  • BabyBjorn High Chair
  • Price: £££
  • Foldable: Yes
  • Perfect high chair, stunning design and innovative.


Chicco Pocket High Chair


chicco pocket highchair folded


The Chicco Pocket High Chair is super lightweight and easy to set up and to fold away. It is safe and stylish and affordable – what more could we ask for? We also love the little windmill grey print of the sleek grey padded seat.

It is super easy to clean with a plastic looking finish.

(Chicco have worked hard to reduce the number of seams and small crevices that food and liquids always manage to find their way into, to make cleaning easier!)

The sturdy feet sit neatly inline with the slimline body and with a large comfortable seat and reclining positions, the Chicco pocket ticks all of our boxes!

This high chair comes in various adorable prints, all designed to have unisex appeal.

They  move away from the loud, bright and ‘in your face’ styles, and instead, focus on simple clean lines. With a bright and fresh style that will sit elegantly in your home.


Key Features

  • Easy folding mechanism with a carry handle
  • Footrest can be used in two positions
  • Spacious seat!
  • 3 reclining positions
  • Suitable from 6 months and up to 15kg


chicco pocket highchair review



A more affordable highchair, which is one of the reasons it made our best high chair list (not the cheapest one in our top 10 but certainly more affordable than the top end high chairs.)

The Chicco Pocket offers a lot of value for the money. It is packed with extra features that are sometimes not available even in the most expensive highchairs.


Size and Ease of Use

Size : W: 57cm x H: 97 cm x L: 85cm
Weight : 6kg
This highchair has been designed with practicality in mind.. it is easy to fold and carry with its convenient handle. At only 6kg it is one of the lightest high chairs we have reviewed, which is always helpful for storing in between uses.



  • Practicality, folding and cleaning ability.
  • Reclining, with two footrest positions.
  • Roomy seat for your growing child.
  • Frame is more slimline than other highchairs of a similar price but very well built.
  • Removable tray.


  • Large seat can be a problem for small children under the age of 1.
  • This high chair is not particularly small when folded.
  • Straps are difficult to wash.
  • Not best for babies, more suited to older little ones.


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Cosatto 3Sixti2 High Chair 


Cosatto 3sixti2 Highchair Range


We adore the simplicity and elegance of this gas-lift high chair. No awkward shapes, bars or anything other than slick, well thought out design features.

This futuristic high chair looks more like a space ship than a seat for eating in!

The beautiful, sturdy round base perfectly compliments the sleek white bucket chair. Investing in this gorgeous piece of design is certainly one way to brighten up and add a unique feature to your kitchen, dining or living room!

We love the idea of the ‘office style’ gas lifting chair too. One button to save any awkward manoeuvring in changing the height with one hand.. whilst trying to hold baby!

This luxury high chair come in a delightful variety of colour styles. Rosy red apples; the ‘strudel’, gorgeous green; ‘hapi apples’, super fresh orange; ‘squash’ and pretty pink; ‘macaroon’.

Four delightfully simple and effortlessly chic colour schemes to compliment a wide range of contemporary interiors.

Have you noticed how each Cosatto High Chair tends to only uses three colours?

As a result, each highchair ends up looking super quirky, fun and fresh. (And you feel like your unique, ultra modern highchair was worthy every penny for the design processes that went into creating it!)


Cosatto 3sixti2 Superfoods Highchair review


Key Features

  • 360* swivel action.
  • Gas-lift for easy use and multiple heights
  • Two position reclining
  • Dishwasher safe tray and removable padded seat cushion
  • 15kg
  • Suitable from 6 months



This is the most expensive high chair we are reviewing, and with good reason. Its unique design features, playful colour themes and simple but beautiful body and structure ensure that the owner of this highchair will enjoy using it just as much as baby!


Size and Ease of Use

  • Assembled size (H x W x D): 96 x 57 x 57 cm
  • Seat positions range: 45 to 62 cm
  • Tray positions range: 62 to 79 cm
  • Weight 15kg – If you do want to move the high chair around in between of use, it has a convenient under base roller to make transporting easier.
  • The chair is also supplied with castors, for the ultimate ease of use.

This Cosatto highchair is suitable for children from 6 months, with multiple combinations of height and angle to suit any needs.

Whether using as a stand alone high chair or positioning it around a dining table. The two reclining positions are perfect for weaning, feeding and even the occasional nap!



  • Innovative design led highchair.
  • Beautiful features, including bold prints and minimalist style.
  • Looks like a spaceship!
  • Gas lift mechanism with seat able to be low enough to use at a regular dining table.
  • 360* swivel making it even easier to use.
  • Large seat space, making it more comfortable for children.
  • Super easy to clean – with completely detachable padded cushion.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • The food tray is curved meaning there may be a small gap between it and the child.
  • Heavy -15kg
  • One of the more expensive high chairs on the market
  • The food tray is quite small.
  • When used by an older and stronger child, they may be able to make the highchair wobble.
  • The rotation has to be be turned physically, not via a button.
  • Mechanical devices can break


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OXO Tot Sprout High Chair


oxo tot sprout highchair


A simple and sophisticated ‘grown up’ style highchair. In elegant colours and with a neat wooden frame this highchair can easily by integrated with your other adult furniture.

No sign of wacky, brightly coloured prints in the OXO range. Its all
about minimalist design.

The frame is solid, heavy and slimline and the seat is large making it more comfortable or the child.

With the choice of green, grey, brown blue red and pink, there really is a style to suit every home. The frame also comes in a beautiful brown walnut, cream, white grey or black. Our favourite is the walnut!


Key Features

  • 3 levels of seat height and depth. (Tool free adjustments)
  • From 6months old, up to age of 5.
  • 5 point harness
  • Moulded seat prevents food from becoming trapped within the seat.
  • Foot rest can be set to four different heights.


OXO Tot Sprout Highchair (Walnut/ Taupe) review



A longer lasting highchair means a higher price. But we think one that is actually worth it. The highchair is perfect for little ones with the extra padding but with the removable parts, the chair becomes completely usable for a child up the the age of five. (Which is then referred to as a ‘youth chair’.)


Size and Ease of Use

  • L 59cm x W 48cm x H 94cm
  • Weight of unit: 13 kg

The heavy, wooden frame is easy to assemble and adjust. The beautiful simple design is easy to integrate a highchair among regular dining furniture. Both as a high chair and used around a dining table.
A simple ‘push click and slide’ mechanism makes it easy to adjust the seat height. This highchair has comfortable padded cushions which are conveniently made with no seams for easy cleaning.


oxo tot sprout colours


The large tray can be easily removed with just one had and the recess dip in the tray can hold up to 200ml of liquid – meaning less spillages!



  • Elegant wooden frame, no garish colours.
  • Easy to adjust heights and remove tray.
  • Super sturdy and long lasting – outlives other high chairs.
  • Unique moulded seats with no seams.


  • Expensive high chair
  • Seat pads can wear out.
  • Velcro pads can wear out.
  • Tray is hollow so will fill with water if washed in the sink – wipe down only
  • Matte finish tray can stain.


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BabyBjorn High Chair 


baby bjorn highchair positions


We were sold at the sight of the picture of this beautiful piece of furniture!

Looking totally futuristic this highchair is the epitome of sleek contemporary design.
Its black thin legs and white curved body give it a minimalist and irresistible look.

The most unique feature is the cleverly designed tray. It acts as a safety bar which means there is no need for a harness.

This is amazing because the harness is where many other highchairs have their downfalls. (the straps get dirty, can not be removed etc.) We are super excited that the BabyBjorn highchair doesn’t use straps!

Everything about this highchair screams simple, easy to use and elegant. Getting baby into the highchair takes two seconds, simply sit them in and raise the moulded table which holds baby securely in place.

To release the table, and get baby out, Baby Bjorn have a neat mechanism using a button and a big turning knob (too big for little hands to grasp and use to get out themselves.


babybjorn highchair white review


The chair is also ergonomically designed, meaning better posture for your child whilst eating. The curved backrest helps the baby to sit upright and the table can be adjusted to allow more room as they grow.

The unique shape of the chair makes it harder for older children to try to stand up in the chair, (which is sometimes possible if the more traditional styles.)
We love the simple functions of this chair, the easy cleaning and the all round design features..

Read on to delve in to each part in more depth.


Key Features

  • Sleek modern design
  • Unique ‘no harness’ feature = no messy straps
  • Top layer of tray is easily detachable for cleaning
  • Suitable for 6 months to 3 years of age
  • Folds and stores easily, only 25cm wide when folded. This also makes it great for travel.


Price and Value

A pricey highchair, when you think about the materials it is made of. There is no padding or cushion for extra comfort and there is only one height setting.
All that being said, we think that this unique chair makes up for those points in other ways.

It is neat, super easy to clean, with no fabric. The tray has a top layer which tray clips off, leaving the moulded shape behind, so baby can stay safely seated in the chair whilst the tray is removed for washing.
We also love the fact it is so small once folded, an especially useful feature in a modern apartment or small house.


babybjorn highchair light green


Size and Ease of Use

H83 x W44 D50 cm (When assembled for use)
H89 x 44 x D25 cm (When folded for storage)
Weight: 5kg


  • Super Lightweight
  • Beautiful, easy to use and practical design features
  • Comes ready built, simple leg attachment needed but no tools!
  • Ergonomic seat style helps babies and children to sit up straight.
  • No straps or cushion pads to clean and no horrible crevices that can trap food.
  • One of the best high chairs on our list!



  • Baby is confined to the chair, until the table is released. (No worse than being trapped in the chair via straps)
  • Product lifespan depends on weight of child
  • The button/turning knob mechanism could be difficult for some people to use or get used to.
  • Although it is perfect for the younger and smaller children, the Baby Bjorn highchair is on the small side and will most likely be outgrown quicker than some of the other high chairs on the market.


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Chicco Polly Easy High Chair


chicco polly easy high chair


If you’re looking for mid range, affordable high chair that is safe and stable and comfortable, then this one might be for you.

In a simple grey colour scheme, this high chair doesn’t become the focal point of your room and doesn’t try to steal the limelight. It does exactly what it is supposed to do.. be a high chair.
For some the colour scheme may be off-putting, without pattern, colour, or designer moulded white plastic but when it comes to safety, comfort and price, the Chicco Polly excels.

chicco easy nature highchairOne of the few high chairs on the market to boast a ‘wide comfortable seat’ which can help, especially if your child gets frustrated in tightly confined spaces.

This chair also has three recline positions, meaning more usability for you and your child. This high chair is not just for eating in!


Key Features

  • Rear wheels for easy manoeuvring,
  • Wide comfortable seat
  • Safe secure frame with 5 point harness to keep your little one safe.
  • Height can be adjusted to suit any needs or table height.
  • Stands freely when folded



For the price, the Chicco Polly is a lot of high chair for your money. Its easy to use, easy to clean, safe and secure for your child and a trusted household name.


Size and Ease of Use

W 54 x H 104 x L 82 cm
Weight: 10kg
This highchair is super easy to build and use. With a removable tray and removable top layer of the tray (for really messy mealtimes) it will make dinner times easier and your child happier, in the comfort of a cool to the touch, padded seat.



  • Strong and secure stand, meaning you can relax!
  • Simple effective seat cover, wipeable and washable to keep it looking its best.
  • Sleek grey universal styling, no garish colours and unisex appeal.
  • Long lasting, your child will use this chair to the full, without the worry of them outgrowing in within a year!
  • 3 height positions for foot rest and harness.
  • 3 Recline positions


  • The simple grey colouring may be boring or too simple for some style conscious parents.
  • The highchair is quite heavy, 10kg.
  • Have to use harness, this can be unappealing for some with the extra cleaning invloved.


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East Coast Folding High Chair (Natural All Wood)


east coast wooden highchair folded


Key Features

  • Folds flat! Perfect for small homes.
  • Solid rubberwood
  • Can buy inserts to customise style and padding.
  • Suitable from 6 months.



For the middle market price that this high chair sells for, and the fact it is made of wood and has a really versatile and beautiful structure, this chair is most definitely a good piece to invest in.


Size and Ease of Use

The high chair folds flat which is super useful but means you are left without some of the other luxuries, like a t-bar (the piece that sits between the childs legs.)

This is fine for many people, they tend to buy a high chair insert, which is great because it allows you customise your pretty wooden frame with something pretty and pattered.

It also means that when your child outgrows this high chair, you can simply get rid of the insert (which will probably have had plenty of messy uses) and keep the solid wooden frame for future use.




  • Solid wooden frame, more traditional than plastic
  • folds flat, good for storing between uses in a small environment
  • slimline structure, no bulky plastic feet to trip over


  • Assembly may be a challenge for some, certainly more difficult than the plastic alternatives.
  • No insert provided, hard wooden surface
  • No T-bar for extra safety
  • Some people have had problems with the harnesses. (Not being long enough.)


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Ikea Antilop High Chair

ikea antilop highchair


This is the most affordable high chair we have reviewed, and on the first encounter, we loved it. Low cost, easy to clean, lightweight, simple to assemble, easy to use (no fancy features) and a beautiful, Scandinavian simple design.

The elegant grey legs fit perfectly into a modern interior design and the white bucket seat is durable, easy to clean and fits effortlessly into any style of decor. (Mainly due to its lack of design, character, print or and colour.)

As a ‘does what it says on the tin’ high chair, this one certainly fits the bill. With its sleek Scandinavian minimalist design features and price tag that doesn’t break the bank we are super excited to include this high chair in our top ten.


ikea antilop high chair review

Key Features

  • One of the cheapest high chairs on the market.
  • Cool Scandinavian design.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Cleaning is not a ‘dismantle’ type job, just simple wipe down.
  • Straps included, but extra padding can be bought too.



Super affordable and does what you need it to, whilst looking neat and contemporary in design.
The safety belt is included and there is a t-bar for extra safety. Padded inserts can also be bought for tiny ones.
As a basic high chair, it does everything you need it to, so if you’re looking for an affordable option.. This may be your best choice. (Just be aware that you may need to buy the tray separately, as the high chair is a separate piece – the tray is less than £10 though.)

Size and Ease of Use

W: 58cm x H: 90 cm x L: 62cm
Weight : 0.36kg (super lightweight)

Super easy to assemble, simple insert legs, clip on tray and you’re good to go! The tray and padded insert can be bought separately, which is not the most conventional way of ordering a new highchair – but that’s usually the IKEA way!
We love the easy cleaning of this highchair. No cracks or crevices in the seat. No button, levers or mechanisms to use or maintain, just simple and convenient wipe down!



  • Only 62cm deep, doesn’t take up a huge amount of room.
  • Super affordable.
  • Simple to construct and lightweight.
  • Easy Clean
  • Removable tray.


  • Have to buy tray and cushion insert separately.
  • High chair does not fold or recline.
  • Basic safety waist strap, not a 5 point harness.
  • No colour, pattern or child friendly design features.


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Bebe Style Modern Swivel Multi Height 360 Degree 


bebe style highchair pink

On first glance this high chair resembles the top of the range Cossatto high chair we reviewed. 360 swivel action, one central pole with adjustable heights, simple design and colour scheme and large round contemporary style sturdy base.

However, this high chair costs only a fraction of the Cossatto one.. lets explore in more detail.


Key Features

  • Affordable and packed with extra features like the 360* swivel action.
  • Awesome modern and unique design.
  • 4 height positions.
  • Removable waterproof and wipeable cushion pad.
  • Five point harness.
  • Removable tray and plastic insert.


bebestyle high chair 360 review



Affordable, and super stylish. Cheaper than the designer alternative that this high chair resembles.

This high chair has certainly been designed with ease of use and cleaning in mind! The cushions wipe clean insert is water and stain proof!
It offers a 5 point safety harness, which is more than many other highchairs of a similar price.

The 360* degree rotation makes using this high chair easy and convenient. The super sleek supporting central pole is super sleek and supports four positions.


Size and Ease of Use

W: 51cm x H: 88cm x L: 651cm
Weight : 10kg

Really easy to use and a simple button mechanism, the plastic tay insert is removable and the whole seat and tray is stain resistant and easy to clean. The four adjustable heights mean this chair is easily integrated around a dining table or for feeding from any room of the house.
A padded seat and footrest make this high chair more comfortable for baby or child.



  • 360 degree turn for easy use.
  • Cleaning this highchair is quick!
  • Super sleek futuristic design.
  • 4 position height.
  • Removable tray and five point harness.


  • Some people have reported the straps as being too small for children (they had to order replacement larger straps.)
  • Quite heavy, no built in wheels to easily manoeuvre.
  • No recline feature.
  • Mechanisms for changing height and the swivel action have been known to break or wear out for some people.


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East Coast Combination High Chair (All Wood)


east coast combination


A super cool and multi-functional high chair made of real wood with a natural finish. We love the fact that this high chair can be turned into a table and chair for the child when they outgrow the high chair.

Every child wants a table and chairs at some point right?
The  natural wood finish is also compliments any interior and is free from the plastic, bright colours and attention grabbing features of many other high chairs.

We simple love wooden furniture, and although as added features go, this highchair is pretty bog standard, the future usability and value for money has sent this mid price range high chair straight into our top ten.


east coast combination high chair


Key Features

  • Combination uses, high chair / coverts to lay table
  • Elegant wooden finish
  • Three position tray
  • Full safety harness



With a middle of the range price point and its multi uses, we feel that you are getting a good deal for your money. The wooden finish is pretty neat and stylish and the overall design style is contemporary and functional. If you’re a fan of wooden furniture and wooden accessories and toys for children, this high chair is a winner.
Note there is not insert supplied, so it may be necessary to buy an padded insert in addition to the high chair, bringing the price up overall.

Size and Ease of Use

W: 48cm x H: 87cm x L: 55cm
Weight : 13kg
As highchairs go, this one is pretty weighty and bulky in terms of its build. The actual floor space it takes up it less than many high chairs which is great, especially as they is no foldable features. This is the sort of high chair that you would leave in position as part of your furniture and not fold away in between use.

The coated finish of the rubber wood makes cleaning easy, with no awkward plastic joins or padded cushions. However the harness would take up some of your time to keep clean.

There is no t-bar (the piece that sits between the childs legs) which can be a problem for small children or 6 month old babies. However the padded seat that can be bought helps with this.

Setting up the high chair for the first time could be a problem for some parents as it takes some level of building skill and patience!



  • Contemporary wooden style or design.
  • Can be converted to a play table for longer use.
  • Comes with a full safety harness.
  • 3 position tray.
  • Easy to clean – surface wipes clean.


  • Requires time and patience to build
  • No reclining feature or extra comfort for child.
  • No t-bar.
  • Heavy (13kg)
  • No Paddded insert provided.


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Cosatto Noodle Supa Spectroluxe High Chair


Cosatto Noodle Supa Spectroluxe Highchair


We adore the Cosatto Noodle High chair and we are sure you will to. Here’s why:
The amazingly elegant and slimline high chair is available in, wait for it.. 12 different print designs! Ranging from an egg and spoon print to unicorns to vegetables.

It is super sturdy and packed with features, and looks great. There is no bulky padding or stupidly wide feet which makes it perfect for the modern household where space saving is everything!

For Cosatto as a brand, this high chair is actually very reasonable priced and affordable, compared to the 3Sixti2 high chair (also by Cosatto).



Key Features

  • 6 height positions for the ultimate customisation
  • 3 position recline, sitting, relaxing or lie down
  • Removable tray that is easy to clean
  • Full safety harness
  • Adjustable calf supportCosatto Noodle Supa Monster Arcade Highchair


Awesome Colour and Print Variations

  • Egg and Spoon
  • Magic Unicorns
  • Melon Drop
  • Mini Mermaid
  • Monster Arcade
  • Poppidelic
  • Retro Star
  • Rev Up
  • Spectro Luxe
  • Sunny Side Up
  • Superfoods
  • Dragon Kingdom



This highchair is certainly not entry level or cheap, but is also not going to cost you the earth. Its extensive functionality makes it worth every penny in our opinion. It is so pretty and slimline, making it the perfect addition to your baby gear.


Size and Ease of Use

W: 56.5cm x H: 112cm x L: 73cm
Weight : 8kg
The Noodle Supa Highchair is easy to assemble and use and is comfortable for your baby or child. Thanks to the padded seat and reclining positions for in between meals!


Cosatto Noodle Supa Highchair Retrostar



  • 3 position recline
  • Looks stylish
  • Easy to clean and folds down.
  • Removable tray
  • Easy to set up and cleaning is a doddle!
  • Slimline base


  • Straps have to be wiped clean


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chicco pocket highchair folded


With all things considered, we absolutely adore the Chicco Pocket high chair, for the reasonable price, it is packet with extra features that many other highchairs do not offer.

The padded cushion and generous amount of seat space can make feeding time easier for you. Baby is happier, thanks to the extra comfort features and the with the five point harness, you can relax knowing that your little one is safe.

Baby can sit up, or recline, making it useful for more than just feeding, giving this chair more than just one use. The highchair also grows with your child, with two footrest positions for those growing legs!

At only 6kg, this is one of the lighter highchairs that we have included. This is always a bonus for busy parents who do not want to struggle folding a weighty chair in between of uses.


chicco pocket highchair review


The folding ability is also convenient for a tidy home and to maximise your floor space. Some of the other highchairs are built to remain in place for the duration of your childs needs.

This one however, is fairly portable, could be carried outside for example or to a relatives house. (We are all about the multi uses of a product.)

The legs do not stick out dramatically, which is a bonus, this high chair seems to be more slim lined than others of a similar price.

On top of all that, its easy to assemble, fold away, carry and clean.
Everything that you need is included with the item, there is no need to sources separate straps, a tray or padded insert.

It comes in multiple colour variations, each having a cute print design and unisex appeal and is made my a trusted reputable brand – Chicco.

We think that for the bit of money (compared to the basic highchairs), that the Chicco Pocket gives you everything you need and the reassurance that you little one will be safe and comfortable.

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The Baby Bjorn highchair gets our vote by a close finish. Although we love the Cosatto and the OXO Tot, as our other favourite highchairs, after much consideration, the Baby Bjorn one just had to be our absolute favourite.



In terms of stye and design this highchair is gorgeous, modern and super sleek.

Its elegant black and white colour scheme make it stand out amongst other highchairs.
Stylish, designer and futuristic, this highchair knows how good looking it is and stands out as one of the most unique on the market.

The innovative safety system to hold baby or child in place is wonderfully designed, with a calm eating experience in mind.

By eliminating the need for conventional (and often frustrating) straps with the unique locking table baby is free from a harness and gets to feel like they’re sitting in a rollercoaster seat instead of a padded cushioned bucket with straps.

Cleaning is a doddle, we love the discreet removable tray lining and the lack of cracks or joins in the plastic. Just a simple wipe down and you’re good to go.

baby bjorn highchair positions


One of the few highchairs to also boast an ergonomically designed seat, designed for maximum back support and upright sitting.

Some people feel that the child looks too big when sitting in the small chair, but the seat and back rest have been cleverly designed with a rounded back to be suitable for growing children. (There is no need to have a chair high enough to cover the upper back in this chair.)

On a final note, it is worth mentioning that the storage of this highchair is ideal, it is super light, folds easily and is only 25 cm wide when folded. Perfect for homes with a lot of baby furniture and toys!

This innovative and designer highchair is our absolute favourite, and although it costs a lot more than some of the other highchairs on the market. We think that it is so worth it, for the time you gain from its quick set up and because of the space you can obtain from being able to store this highchair in between use.

All of that, plus  the fact that it looks stunning and makes getting baby in and out of the highchair a fuss free doddle. (With a simple one hand turn of the mechanism). This designer highchair is worth every extra penny in the long run.

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