iBaby M2S Plus Baby Monitor Review

iBaby M2S Plus 1080p Video Baby Monitor

ibaby M2s review

If you and your family are the proud owners of smartphones or tablets and are not afraid to use them in conjunction with a baby monitor, then look no further… the iBaby M2S Plus is just the monitor you have been looking for!

The iBaby M2S Plus is a very unique piece of equipment. The features it includes are brilliant for the price. It comes with the advantage of being a single unit, so the additional cost of having multiple parent/child units is diverted into one piece of glorious technology that does just about everything you could ask for!

In this review, we go into great detail to explain why this monitor has us so excited.

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Key Features

    • Uses the iBaby Care App which can be downloaded to your smart device. The App gives you full control over the monitor, including control over camera zoom, ability to record and take pictures, two way talking functionality and view temperature/humidity.


    • Video – 1080p HD Video through your Wi-Fi or 4G Connection. The video quality is excellent and among the best available on the market. Night vision is available too for later in the evening and during the night.
      You can record video through the app as well to capture the special moments you will want to look at forever.

iBaby M2S Baby Monitor mounted onto a cot bed

    • Audio – The audio received through your smart device is high quality. The two-way audio function is also truly unique. The iBaby M2S Plus gives you the ability to talk back through your smart device so that baby can hear you on the other side. Not only that, you can also play any music or sound that you want through the monitor via your smart device! So if your little one has a favourite song, you can play this at the touch of a button to send them back to sleep.


    • Temperature and Humidity sensors are included to give you that extra piece of mind.


    • Smart Sensors and Alerts – You can set up the iBaby M2S Plus to send you a notification to your phone when any movement or audio is detected. It can also be set up to automatically record sound and video as soon as an alert is triggered!
      This is a truly fantastic feature – imagine missing baby’s first words or the first time they stood up in their cot. With the iBaby M2S Plus, this won’t happen!


    • You can connect to the monitor through the App from anywhere in the world.

ibaby care app

    • Unlimited monitors can be used in a single home or device so you can have 2, 3 or even 4 monitors depending on how big your house is. These can be all viewed on a single smartphone or tablet.


    • The iBaby M2S Plus allows unlimited users to see what it sees. You can invite family or close friends to see what baby is up to.



  • Fantastic for the ability to share baby’s progress with the family – parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents and close friends too!
  • Auto record function for movement/sound sensors so you dont miss a thing!
  • We feel considering the features of the product, how well it has been received by everyone and how well made it is, it is priced very well.
  • Would actually make a fantastic security system after it has served its purpose as a monitor. Can also use it to watch a pet.
  • Outstanding customer service and support.


  • The users who are watching can also hear what you are saying! So just be careful what is said that you may not want other people to hear!
  • The only feature missing is a sensor pad to place under the cot mattress. The camera can detect when there is movement but won’t detect when there is no movement.

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