Cot Mattress Reviews – Best Cot Mattresses for 2023

Top Ten Cot bed Mattresses

We have scoured the internet, compared, examined and analysed a LOT of cot mattress, just for you. Having a baby comes with a lot of important decisions to make, along with an enormous amount of excitement and responsibility.

So we are guessing that shopping around and spending your precious time looking for the best cot bed mattress you can get for your money is probably not right at the top of your to do like right now!
We get it, totally. So we have tried our absolute best to do the hard work for you again. Filtering through what is available and putting together a simple and useful top 10 list to help you on your way.

The mattresses we will be including in our top ten are to fit a standard cot bed, at 140 x 70 cm (we haven’t included any other sizes in this particular post, to keep things real simple for you).

No confusing comparisons here..!

Mother Nurture Luxury Spring Cot Bed Mattress with Tape Edges 140 x 70 x 10cmmother nurture mattress

This cot bed mattress fits Mothercare and Mamas and Papas sizes too, which is great because not all mattress do!

Another hugely popular mattress with raving reviews. For the money you cant really go wrong here. Hypo allergenic means it offers protection against allergies such as asthma and eczema.

A breathable and affordable mattress with a water resistant cover to help to protect the inner springs.

Features What is is made of? Cleaning Warranty
Hypo-allergenic Springs Water resistant cover is machine washable. 1 Year
Breathable 60% Polypropylene, 40% Polyester Wash cover at 60*

Why we would choose this mattress:

Its an affordable mattress that has springs and a hypo-allergenic cover (for delicate little ones.) The cover is also easy to wash off.


Why we would not choose this mattress:

Quite a few reports of the mattress having a strong ‘chemical’ smell when brand new. (This could be just simply be from the manufacturing process and storage, and something that will dissipate after a short while of airing out.

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Quilted Anti-Allergenic Breathable Foam Cot bed Mattress. Size: 70cm x 140cm

quilted allergenic mattressSuper affordable, our cheapest entry in the top ten mattresses list. Don’t be put off by the price, with the huge amount of positive reviews this mattress gets, it is definitely a valid ‘value for money’ option.

Soft, supportive and anti allergenic. The core is made of foam, which is reflected in the low price. It isn’t going to last forever, but will do the job and it is replaceable after a lot of heavy use (thanks to the low price.)

The anti-allergenic properties make it safe for baby and the open cell foam structure means that when your little one is able to turn onto their tummy, the mattress will be breathable.

It comes with a machine washable cover that can be mashing washed at up to 40* and air dried. There is no waterproof feature however, so this might be an additional purchase to make.

Features What is inside? Cleaning Warranty
Anti-allergenic Foam Machine washable covers. None mentioned
Breathable Polypropylene outer Wash at 40*
Open-cell structure for good airflow and heat dissipation

We we would choose this mattress:

This mattress does what you need it too and wont break the bank!

Why we would not choose this mattress:

There isn’t a natural material fibre in sight, all synthetic and won’t last as long as long or offer as much support as a sprung mattress.

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Clevamama ClevaFoam Support Mattress Cot Bed (Foam, 140×70 cm)

Cleva Mama Cotbed mattress. A high quality cot bed mattress to help reduce flat head syndrome.

This mattress is rather special. It is made with something called Clevafoam, which is  scientifically proven to prevent flat head syndrome. Certainly a winner for us as baby will be spending quite a lot of time one the mattress!

This foam mattress  also provides exceptional comfort and support for baby, fingers crossed this will help them drift off more quickly and sleep better than on a regular more firm mattress. The extra support gives your baby the absolute best start in life with their rapidly growing body and developing joints.

This cot bed mattress is hypo-allergenic, PH balanced and toxin free, meaning the mattress suitable for use with babies who suffer from asthma and allergies. The AirFlow fabric draws away moisture and increases airflow and is also Oeko-Tex 100 certified for use with babies.

It is available as a Cot bed mattress or for a crib.

Features What is is made of? Cleaning Warranty
Long lasting Clevafoam (Has supportive qualities like memory foam.) Machine washable covers 1 Year
Superb support for growing baby AirFlow removable cover

Water resistant and removable lining

Wash at 30*

Why we would choose this mattress:

A fantastic amount of detail and quality for a very reasonable price.

Why we would not choose this mattress:

More expensive than most other foam mattresses.

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Kit for Kids Kidtex 70 x 140cm Cot bed Mattress – Whitekit for kids kidtex mattress

An affordable and well built mattress from Kidtex. We like the double cone springs combined with the foam layer. The springs ensure that the mattress gives proper postural support and increases the longevity of its use and the foam layer gives a soft and comfortable finish for baby or little one.

Finished with a water repellent outer layer that has a zip fastening for ease of use, it seems that this cot bed mattress ticks all our our checklist boxes.

Although there are no natural fabrics, this mattress has proved to be a winner by its other values, being hypo-allergenic and anti- microbial – something that is not always available in cheaper mattresses.

Everything about the Kit for Kinds Kidtex mattress is geared towards offering the most amount of quality for money and to give your little one the best sleeping environment possible.

Features What is is made of? Cleaning Warranty
Hypoallergenic and anti-microbial mattress Double cone springs Water repellent cover machine washable Free 1 year guarantee
Micro-pores for enhanced breath-ability Foam layer for smooth comfort. Wash at 60*
Double cone springs give better postural support Outer Fabric: Inner: 100% Polypropylene

Why we would choose this mattress:

A mattress undoubtedly created with baby and child’s needs in mind. Giving parents the peace of mind that they are giving their little ones the very best start.

Why we would not choose this mattress:

The only reason we can think of is because if contains no natural materials, they are all synthetic. However that would add a higher price tag to the mattress, so we are struggling to put it as a reason!

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Baby Cot Bed Mattress – 140cm x 70cm Pocket Sprung Mattressbaby pocket sprung mattress

A great middle of the range cot bed mattress with pocketed springs for maximum comport.

The mattress has a stockinette layers, to reduce friction on the surface of the mattress making it last longer. When visible, this layer looks weird but having it there is super useful and it even makes it easier to put the outer layer back on.

There is no water repellent or waterproof layer, which is the only thing to let this mattress down.

Features What is is made of? Cleaning Warranty
Individual pocket springs for optimum comfort and support. Pocketed springs Washable removable cover with zip fastening None mentioned
Enhanced airflow with high density ‘open cell’ foam surrounds springs = breathable Stockinette layer Wash at 40*

Why we would choose this mattress:

Super comfortable and well made fore the money, To get the best of both options, breathable foam and individual pocketed springs is certainly a bonus!


Why we would not choose this mattress:

There is no water repelling fabric used, which means having to buy a separate protector.

It might also be worth mentioning that there are a couple of reviews for this mattress where buyers have complained that after taking the mattress out of the packaging for the first time, it smells of strong chemicals. But again, (like the other mattress, with the same problem reported) we think the smell may be something that disappears after being aired out.

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Obaby Sprung 140x70cm Cot Bed Mattress – White

A really pretty mattress with surface detail. We love the side zip which makes washing the cover a doddle and the fact that this is first mattress we have included (in price order or cheapest to most expensive) that actually has a brushed cotton surface. We know the longevity of good cotton, wash after wash. The breathable cover also helps with air movement and heat dissipation.

The cheapest mattress we have discovered that comes with a free five year guarantee too.

We like the Obaby mattress mostly because of the high tensile coil springs, a long lasting and supportive core. That paired with a strong and soft foam layer on top and below the springs ensures the most comfortable experience possible for baby or child.

This mattress has a choice of Foam , Natural Coir, Pocket Sprung or a Spring centre.

Features What is is made of? Cleaning Warranty
Softly quilted and breathable cover High tensile coil springs for extra support Water resistant cover machine washable Free 5 year guarantee
Excellent air movement and heat dissipation A dent resistant foam layer for softness and comfort Wash at 60*
Brushed cotton cover

Why we would choose this mattress:

The water resistant brushed cotton cover is long lasting and durable, we love the fact that the manufacture gives a free 5 year warranty. They know and trust that their mattress is going to do its job and do it well.

Why we would not choose this mattress:

The Mattress, in all variations is quite thin. It is officially 10cm but it looks and feels quite thin.

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KATY® Luxury Micro-fibre Sprung Hypo Allergenic Cot bedkaty luxury mattress

A luxury hypo-allergenic mattress which is breathable and designed with orthopaedic double cone springs for maximum comfort and safety.

Children with asthma, eczema or other allergies will be assisted but this anti dust mite, anti bacterial and anti fungal hypo-allergenic mattress by KATY. Parents or guardians can relax, knowing that their baby is sleeping on a breathable, comfortable mattress that has been designed with their well-being in mind.

Features What is is made of? Cleaning Warranty
Quilted micro fibre cover with taped edge Orthopaedic double cone spring Cover is removable and machine washable 1 Year
Anti Dust Mite, Anti Bacterial And Anti Fungal


Foam layer for increased comfort. Wash at 60*
Breathable – (Air permeable) Stockinette layer (makes removing and replacing sheets easier)

Why we would choose this mattress:

 If our child had allergies of any kind, this mattress is the most anti and hypo-allergenic focused one we have been reading about. The manufacturer even states that ‘dust mites cannot breed in this mattress’.


Why we would not choose this mattress:

There have been some reviews about the mattress not lasting for a long time, in some cases people have described this mattress as ‘poorly made and poor quality for the money’

This is certainly not the case for the vast majority, but having heard the opinions of those people, we though it was important to include that in our report.

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Kinder Valley 140 x 70cm Kinder Flow Mattress

Kinder Valley 140 x 70cm Kinder Flow Mattress

This mattress has been a long standing popular buy for parents with new babies on a budget.

It is super soft and does a great job of replicating the comfort of more expensive mattresses. The mattress has a water resistant but breathable and removable cover, ideal for washing in case of any accidental spillages. This layer is quickly and easily removed for your convenience and to protect and increase the lifespan of the mattress.

Features What is is made of? Cleaning Warranty
Water resistant and breathable cover High density polyester pad Easy to remove cover 1 year
Hypo allergenic Wash at 40*

Why we would choose this mattress:

Very affordable for a hotbed mattress, can be used from birth and until the child is around 8, depending on the condition of the mattress and the environment.


Why we would not choose this mattress:

This is a budget mattress, and if you are looking for a mattress with specialist features, such a growth support or pocket springs, this one doesn’t have any fancy features.

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Mamas & Papas Sprung Cot Bed Mattress

Mamas & Papas Sprung Cot Bed Mattress

A mattress that does everything we want it to and looks beautiful at the same time.

It is packed with luxury features and a sturdy, well built set of open springs.

When looking inside the mattress, it looks well made and very well padded with a generous layer of cushioning foam on the top and bottom.

Underneath the outer layer is a water repellent layer that can still be used even when the top layer is in the wash. Perfect for night time accidents when you and you child just want to get back to sleep!

This mattress has been designed to assist parents with babies and parents with children in different ways. One side of the outer layer has a luxurious 3D fabric, for better air circulation, breath-ability and heat distribution, (especially for babies).

The other side of the mattress actually has a waterproof fabric, especially useful when older children are toilet training, and thankfully, the waterproof surface is vapour permeable, which makes the bed significantly more comfortable for children, by reducing sweating and allowing air and heat to pass through the waterproof surface.

Features What is is made of? Cleaning Warranty
Anti-allergy -treated with purotex Open Springs

or Pocket Sprung

Easy care cover is machine washable 30 Months
Excellent breath-ability and airflow Wash at 40*

Why we would choose this mattress:

The well thought out design features which give the mattress a longer usage time. We love the tried and tested anti allergy properties of this mattress.


Why we would not choose this mattress:

It isn’t cheap and if you’re on a budget, there are other ways to make a cheaper mattress last longer.

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The Little Green Sheep 70cm x 140cm Twist Natural Latex Cot Bed Mattresslittle green sheep cot mattress

As the most expensive cot bed mattress in out top ten, you would expect it to out perform all of the other mattresses. We are pleased to say that is doesn’t disappoint. If you are looking for the absolute best mattress to buy that is excellent value for money and one that will actually last for the amount of time it states it should in the description, then read on..

The Little Green Sheep are certainly ahead when it comes to reassuring parents that they are buying a luxurious product for their precious little one.

With natural fibres used throughout, this mattress is a breath of fresh air when it comes to materials used in baby products. No synthetic fibres, chemicals or harsh smell here at all.

The soft surface is made from a lovely natural wool and as a result is  naturally hypo-allergenic.

The part we really love is the inside. One side is specially designed for babies, with supportive coconut fibres, acting as thousands of tiny springs. This gives you baby all the support he or she will need and the freedom from chemicals or synthetic materials.

The other side of this unique mattress is specially designed for older children, being made from a  supportive strong and long lasting natural latex.

Features What is is made of? Cleaning Warranty
Grows with baby up to age of 5 Natural materials Not waterproof

(need a waterproof mattress protector)

5 year guarantee
One side is firm, as recommended for babies up to 12 months Wool Wash at 60*
One side is a supportive natural latex side for older children Comfy natural latex
Hypo-allergenic Supportive coconut fibres
Free from chemical fire retardant sprays or adhesives. Breathable cotton

Why we would choose this mattress:

We love that this mattress uses completely unique materials to the conventional springs and synthetics. We would buy this mattress, knowing that it would give our baby the very best support and comfort and last for many years.


Why we would not choose this mattress:

This mattress is in no way waterproof or water resistant. It has to be used with a mattress protector (bought separately). When you are investing in such an expensive mattress, looking after it becomes incredibly important! We wish there was one included, but sadly there is not.

It also cannot be used with sleeping sensor mats or sleeping aids.

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Top Budget Mattress

Mother Nurture Luxury Spring Cot Bed Mattress with Tape Edges

In terms of overall value for money and longevity of the mattress life, the Mother Nurture Cot Bed Mattress mattress is our winner.

When researching mattresses we find ourselves repeatedly saying, “..well it’s great, but it doesn’t do …’ over and over.

When we had full explored the OBaby we were thrilled to find out that it ticks all of our boxes!

  • affordable and well built
  • lon lasting spring centre
  • inner adjustable waterproof layer
  • hypo-allergenic

We are super excited about this affordable and quality mattress and think that it won’t let you down.

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Top Luxury Mattress


The Little Green Sheep 70cm x 140cm Twist Natural Latex Cot Bed Mattress

We struggled to pick winner between the John Lewis one and the Little Green Sheep mattress.

At nearly half the price of the Little Green Sheep one, the John Lewis ticks all of our boxes and more. If the high cost of the Little Green Sheep one is an issue then we would certainly give our vote to the well designed, well built and great at everything John Lewis one.

However, as this is a top luxury mattress vote, we feel that what the Little Green Sheep Natural Twist combed mattress has to offer is unique, special and and investment worth making. This really is our best cot bed mattress.

It of course, ticks all of our boxes and then some.. we are astonished at the inner materials of coconut fibres and natural latex. How better to sleep than on something natural, supportive and in a pure and healthy environment, free from chemical fire retardant sprays, adhesives. (Found in almost all other mattresses) (Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean the mattress isn’t fire retardant. The wool acts as natural fireproofing.

We love this mattress so much, with all of its unique qualities. It is definitely and investment that will pay off over the years of use.

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