Perfect Prep Day & Night – Tommee Tippee – Review

Perfect Prep Day and Night Review

The Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machine revolutionised the way parents could prepare a bottle for their baby. The machine prepares a bottle of formula, at the correct temperature, in just 2 minutes.perfect prep day and night tomme tippee black

Now, Tommee Tippee are launching the Perfect Prep Day and Night. The machine is more modern in design. TT have listened to feedback regarding their first machine and have incorporated a number of updates in the features and functionality of the Perfect Prep.

In this review we compare the machine versus the old one and explain the benefits that the Day & Night machine could bring to the next generation of new parents.

Comparing the differences

perfect prep old versus new

 Original Perfect Prep     Perfect Prep Day & Night
Manual dial control Backlit LED Display
 Slightly smaller and lighter  Slightly larger and heavier
More restricted for bottle space  Wider area to fit larger bottles
 Louder  Quieter
 Side light notifcations  Digital display notifications

On top of the above differences, concerns over safety on the older model have been addressed, more on this is covered in our review below.

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Perfect Prep Day & Night Key Changes

      • The manual dial has been replaced by a backlit LED digital display. The manual dial always felt a bit on the “cheap” side of the old Perfect Prep, but the new feature and design really helps to propel the product into the future.


      • The new LED display warns you when it is time to clean and change the filter in the Perfect Prep Day & Night. Previously, you relied on a more clunky small light on the side of the machine which could be missed by some parents.


      • The volume control addition is a wonderful feature as many parents complained the noise to alert you when the bottle was ready was too loud and became annoying over time! With the volume control, you can adjust how loud this sound is and even mute it completely.


      • The night light feature is brilliant – you can use the machine practically in the dark to avoid turning on the lights and waking anyone up. This combined with the volume control will make night feeding a lot more sleep-friendly versus the old Perfect Prep machine.


      • The design and style of the machine is a lot more modern and sleek. It fits in nicely with other top kitchen equipment such as toasters, kettles and coffee machines. The machine is available in 4 colours meaning you can match it to whichever style you have in your home: White, Grey, Red and Black.


      • The machine is heavier and slightly larger than the old model, but we feel this is actually a benefit as it makes it appear more “part of your kitchen” – if it were small and lighter it would not look the part and certainly couldn’t be as innovative with all of the extra features.


perfect prep in modern kitchenThe new Perfect Prep Day and Night fits in nicely with any style kitchen and is available in a choice of 4 colours.

What does it do?

To put it simply, the Perfect Prep Day & Night allows you to make the perfect bottle of baby formula. It dispenses the correct amount of water at the correct temperature, giving you a body temperature ready bottle in just 2 minutes.

The added features of the new machine make night time feeding a doddle.

The only additional cost is the replacement filters which last for 3 months (6 x 9oz Bottles per day.)

Safety Concerns


The old Perfect Prep machine hit the headlines when it was claimed that mould was present within the machine’s pipework. However after independent testing, it was proven that this was simply a carbon build up and mould build up was impossible and Tommee Tippee themselves say they are 100% confident that this could not happen.

new perfect prep filter design

The introduction of this new machine has seen Tommee Tippee update the design of their replacement filters. The main concern is that lots of cheap, unofficial filters were on the market that did nothing to help filter bacteria and were a primary cause for the negative media attention.

Tommee Tippee recommend that you always follow the manufacturers guidelines when using the product, this is so important when it comes to something like this. By doing so you will ensure you encounter no issues.

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