When Do Babies Start Teething?

All babies will start teething at slightly different times, but most will usually get their first tooth within their first year. 


Signs baby is teething


When do babies start teething?

Some babies are actually born with their first teeth.

Other babies start teething at around 4 months old.

Most babies will start teething at around 6 months old. 

Don’t worry if your baby doesn’t start teething at 6 months, some babies won’t start teething until after 12 months!


When do babies start teething?


How will I know if my Baby Has Started Teething?

Sometimes, baby teeth will come through with no discomfort or pain at all. However if your baby’s gums are sore and red, it is likely to be the start of teeth coming through.

Also, babies will often have one cheek flushed pinky red, this is sign of swelling from the teeth starting to come through.

If you notice your baby dribbling more than usual, or knawing and chewing on things more frequently, they are most likely teething.

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